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My name is Andriy Marisyuk. I am the owner of the company "Work abroad by Andriy Marisyuk" ("Робота за кордоном від Андрія Марисюка") - a well-known employment company in Ukraine.

Also, I am the creator of the largest and most popular YouTube channel in Ukraine about working abroad, which is viewed by 1.5 million Ukrainians every month.

The company "Work abroad by Andriy Marisyuk" has been successfully operating since 2014 and it currently has over 50 full-time employees.

Every month I get more than 1000 Ukrainians to work in Poland and other countries, and I am interested in ensuring that people get honest work with decent working conditions.

If you are the owner of an employment agency or business, and you need employees from Ukraine - I will certainly help you with this.

My main specialty is handymen, that is, people who do not know the language and do not have work experience. However, with an individual agreement, I can find you a highly qualified specialist.

I am confident that any business, especially in the field of employment, should be based on honesty and absolute trust, as well as in partnership with people who share the same views and goals. That is why I am looking for decent foreign partners in order to cooperate and employ Ukrainians abroad together.

To discuss cooperation, please email me at

Sincerely, Andriy Marisyuk.

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